[v2,0/3] power: remove experimental empty poll API

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Hunt, David Feb. 8, 2023, 10:48 a.m. UTC
  The empty poll mechanism was an experimental API added in
commit id 450f0791312c. It aimed to allow power saving depending
on the traffic profile. However, it required a training phase
and required the user to adjust magic numbers depending on
their workload.

A new and improved mechanism was added in commit id
682a645438c5, also based on empty polls, implemented a
callback mechanism which added 'monitor', 'pause' and 'scale'
modes in l3fwd-power. This was and easier mechanism to use,
so the original empty poll mechanism is no longer needed.

This patch set removes the experimental empty poll API, the
empty poll mode from l3fwd-power, and related documentation.

This is based on a deprecation notice in the previous release.

[1/3] examples/power: remove empty poll mode from
[2/3] libs/power: remove experimental empty poll API
[3/3] doc/power: remove empty poll documentation