[v5,0/6] power: fix make build for power apps

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Hunt, David Jan. 29, 2021, 10:21 a.m. UTC
  The guest channel message definitions and functions in guest_channel.h
are needed by applications and need to be made public.

This worked pre-20.11, but now with all the meson/ninja changes, making
these apps externally no longer works. To fix, we need to move the
header file with the API definitions for the channel commands public,
and rename the functions accordingly.

The main change is to rename channel_commands.h to
rte_power_guest_channel.h so that it gets picked up by the installer
and copied to /usr/local/include. Other changes include renaming #defines
to have RTE_ at the beginning instead of CPU_. Finally we refactor the
code to work with those changes.

v2 changes
 - re-worked from monolithic patch to a 6 patch patchset for easier review
v3 changes
  - Ensure both functions added to the API are tagged as experimental
v4 changes
  - add @internal tag on 2 functions for Doxygen
  - add @warning EXPERIMENTAL tag on 2 functions for Doxygen
  - improve description of lcore param in API docs
  - Improve maintainability sizeof's
  - add the 2 added functions to the version.map file
v5 changes
  - moved version.map additions from patch 3 to patch 2

[v5 1/6] power: create guest channel public header file
[v5 2/6] power: make channel msg functions public
[v5 3/6] power: rename public structs
[v5 4/6] power: rename defines
[v5 5/6] power: add new header file to export list
[v5 6/6] power: clean up includes