[00/11] Python script updates

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Stephen Hemminger Sept. 6, 2020, 1:31 a.m. UTC
  After writing the hugepages script, decided that the other python
scripts need a cleanup and refresh.  These changes apply after
Louise Kilheeney's patch to change to full Python 3 only.

Stephen Hemminger (11):
  cpu_layout: refactor to meet python standards
  dpdk-pmdinfo: replace string.split with split
  dpdk-pmdinfo: replace io.open with open
  dpdk-pmdinfo: remove dead code
  dpdk-pmdinfo: remove unnecessary paren and else
  dpdk-pmdinfo: replace is False and is True
  dpdk-pmdinfo: fix indentation
  dpdk-pmdinfo: replace deprecated optionparse with argparse
  dpdk-pmdinfo: do not use len(x) to test for empty
  dpdk-telemetry-client: fix some pylint warnings
  dpdk-devbind: use argparse instead of getopt

 usertools/cpu_layout.py            | 145 ++++++++++++---------
 usertools/dpdk-devbind.py          | 196 +++++++++++++----------------
 usertools/dpdk-pmdinfo.py          | 140 +++++++++------------
 usertools/dpdk-telemetry-client.py |  28 +++--
 4 files changed, 249 insertions(+), 260 deletions(-)