[v9,0/6] app/proc-info: enhance debug of proc-info tool

Message ID 20190110213645.29901-1-vipin.varghese@intel.com (mailing list archive)


Varghese, Vipin Jan. 10, 2019, 9:36 p.m. UTC
  This patch adds new debug functions to existing proc-info tool.


DPDK proc-info tool is been widely used as secondary process to collect
stats for any primary process. But these are limited to DPDK NIC ports and
basic memory usage.

The patch series tries to address the missing debug information for PMD by
adding debug for port, traffic manager, crypto, ring and mempool. With
these additional information collected, it becomes easy to analyze issues
and performance variance.


Reviews and changes accomadated. ACK received for documenation and code.

  app/procinfo: add support for show port
  app/procinfo: add support for show tm
  app/procinfo: add support for show crypto
  app/procinfo: add support for debug ring
  app/procinfo: add support for show mempool
  app/procinfo: add support for iter mempool

 app/proc-info/main.c           | 658 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 app/proc-info/meson.build      |   2 +-
 doc/guides/tools/proc_info.rst |  32 +-
 3 files changed, 688 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

Change Log:

 - merge v8/1 and v8/2 and define about macros - Thomas Monjalon

 - merge documenation with code - Thomas Monjalon
 - split patch for iter_mempool - Reshma Pattan
 - add ack for code - Reshma Pattan

 - update usage text with token ":" - Reshma Pattan
 - reword usage for 'iter-mempool' - Reshma Pattan

 - add mempool iterate elements option - Vipin Varghese
 - check for iter mempool - Vipin Varghese
 - add call to iter mempool - Vipin Varghese
 - replace or with logical or - Reshma Pathan & Konstantin Ananyev
 - split iter mempool - Vipin Varghese
 - update entry for mempool iter - Vipin Varghese
 - add ack for v5 - John Mcnamara
 - update entry for mempool iter - Vipin Varghese

 - convert 100 to MAX_STRING_LEN - Reshma Pattan
 - RSS made for port - Reshma Pattan
 - update bdr_str to static - Stephen Hemminger
 - remove memset for link, dev_info, queue, stats - Stephen Hemminger
 - update ret to uint32_t - Reshma Pattan

 - add space to compare - Vipin Varghese
 - add spacing for flag compare - Vipin Varghese

 - change the usage details - Vipin Varghese
 - variables from debug to show - Vipin Varghese
 - update function names from debug to show - Vipin Varghese
 - fix meson build - Reshma Pattan
 - change 100 to MAX_STRING_LEN - Reshma Pattan
 - memset to struct elements - Reshma Pattan
 - printf tab space - Reshma Pattan
 - remove 'drop packet information' - Vipin Varghese
 - memset for struct elements - Vipin Varghese
 - code cleanup for TM - Vipin Varghese
 - fetch for leaf nodes if node exist - Jasvinder Singh
 - display MARCO to function - Reshma Pathan & Stephen Hemminger
 - add memset for struct elements - Reshma Pathan
 - change display formating of flags - Vipin Varghese
 - use MACRO for string - Vipin Varghese
 - replace space to tab in printf - Reshma Pathan
 - change ring display information - Vipin Varghese
 - update document from dbg to show - Vipin Varghese

 - change word dbg to show - Stephen Hemminger
 - compare string from dbg to show - Stephen Hemminger
 - removed if else ladder - Vipin Varghese
 - redefine code format - Vipin Varghese
 - MACRO for display node|level - cap - Vipin Varghese
 - update word style for content - Vipin Varghese