[dpdk-dev,v10,0/5] Hyper-V/Azure netvsc PMD and bus support

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Stephen Hemminger June 8, 2018, 4:59 p.m. UTC
  Yet another version of the Hyper-V native bus (VMBus)
and network device (netvsc) drivers. This virtual device
is used in Microsoft Hyper-V in Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
and Azure. Most of this code was extracted from FreeBSD and some of
this is from earlier code donated by Brocade.

Only Linux is supported at present, but the code is split
to allow future FreeBSD and Windows support.

This version works with upstream kernel (4.16) but in that
mode only a single queue is supported. With additional
patches that are pending for 5.0 kernel, multi-queue
support works as well.

Device binding is best done via driverctl; this required some
additional fixes to kernel and driverctl to work correctly.
Linux kernel vmbus support needed to support sysfs driver_override
and driverctl needed to handle non-PCI bus from udev.

  - resolve RSS setup 
  - add documentation about restart issue
  - update documentation to refer to 4.17
  - use same RSS key as MLX

  - fix places where still targeted at previous release
  - add map entry for rte_uuid
  - fix meson build dependencies

  - targeted for 18.08, move release notes
  - use Ted's libuuid (not FreeBSD) because that is 3 clause BSD license
    versus 2 clause in FreeBSD
  - minor checkpatch whitespace fixes

  - add EAL UUID functions from BSD to remove dependency on libuuid
    this means device can be enabled by default and eliminates
    build issues
  - add support for latest NetVSP protocol (from hayaingz)
  - add probe finish for compatability with 18.05
  - rebase to 18.05-rc3