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[dpdk-dev,7/7] Release notes for ENIC PMD

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Sujith Sankar Nov. 7, 2014, 8:05 p.m. UTC
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Thomas Monjalon Nov. 7, 2014, 12:20 p.m. UTC | #1
Many informations in the release notes are not well adapted to an integration.
Please could you rework it?
I'd like to create a doc directory for drivers (doc/drivers) as doc/guides.
So this doc should be in rst format in order to be processed by sphinx and
published on the web site (like guides).
Could you also include a performance test report based on testpmd?

Thanks a lot
Sujith Sankar Nov. 7, 2014, 3:52 p.m. UTC | #2
Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the comments.
I¹ll work on moving the release notes to rst and add performance numbers
with testpmd.  Once I fix these and Neil¹s comments, I shall get back with
version 2.


On 07/11/14 5:50 pm, "Thomas Monjalon" <thomas.monjalon@6wind.com> wrote:

>Many informations in the release notes are not well adapted to an
>Please could you rework it?
>I'd like to create a doc directory for drivers (doc/drivers) as
>So this doc should be in rst format in order to be processed by sphinx and
>published on the web site (like guides).
>Could you also include a performance test report based on testpmd?
>Thanks a lot
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+         DPDK Poll-mode Driver for Cisco Systems Inc. VIC Ethernet NIC
+                                 Release Notes
+                                Version
+  ENIC PMD is the poll-mode driver for the Cisco System Inc. VIC Ethernet NIC
+  to be used with DPDK suite.
+  If you are running/would like to run your applications on Intel DPDK software 
+  suite on Cisco UCS servers that use Cisco VIC adapters, please read the 
+  information provided in this document.
+How to obtain ENIC PMD integrated DPDK?
+  The source tarball of the whole DPDK suite, dpdk-<version>.tar.gz could be 
+  downloaded from www.dpdk.org
+  Alternatively, the same could be downloaded from www.cisco.com.  
+Software License
+  Please read the file LICENSE in lib/librte_pmd_enic/ directory in DPDK 
+  source tree.
+  The License terms are also present at the top of the source files.
+Configuration information
+  In order to ensure that ENIC PMD will also be built by DPDK build scripts, 
+  ensure that CONFIG_RTE_LIBRTE_ENIC_PMD=y is there in the following file in 
+  DPDK suite.
+  - config/common_linuxapp
+  If CONFIG_RTE_EAL_VFIO is y in config/common/linuxapp in the DPDK source
+  tree, ENIC PMD will try to get initialized using VFIO.  If
+  CONFIG_RTE_EAL_VFIO is n, it will try to use UIO framework.
+  No matter how many receive/transmit queues are configured in the service
+  profile, only one interrupt per vNIC interface needs to be configured.
+  ENIC PMD uses this interrupt to get information about errors in the fast path.
+How to build the suite?
+  The build instruction of DPDK suite should be followed and that would build
+  ENIC PMD library as well.
+  Typically, a user would execute the following commands to build the suite
+   - tar -xzf dpdk-<version>.tar.gz
+   - cd dpdk-<version>
+   - make install T=x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc
+Version Information
+  The version of ENIC driver will be printed by ENIC PMD during the 
+  intialization.
+  This release notes is a part of version number
+Directory Structure
+|      License terms
+|-- Makefile
+|      Makefile to build ENIC PMD as a part of building DPDK
+|-- scripts
+|   |-- bind_to_vfio
+|   |       Script which binds a vNIC to VFIO
+|   |
+|   `-- unbind_from_vfio
+|           Script which unbinds a vNIC from VFIO
+`-- src
+       Source code of ENIC PMD
+ - If the user wants to use DPDK with VFIO, the Linux kernel used 
+   should have support for Linux VFIO.  Linux kernels post 3.6.0 supports VFIO
+   The header file vfio.h should be present in /usr/include/linux/
+   For kernels post 3.6.0, this file should be present in 
+   <kernel_src_dir>/usr/include/linux/
+   In the case of Ubuntu, if the file is not present, install the 
+   package linux_libc_dev
+ - This version of ENIC PMD has been tested with DPDK suite version 1.7.1
+ - For using UIO framework, please refer the documentation that comes with
+   DPDK suite
+Supported Cisco VIC adapters 
+ - ENIC PMD could be used with all the generations of Cisco VIC adapters.
+ - Flow director feature is not supported on generation 1 Cisco VIC adapters
+   (M81KR and P81E)
+Supported Operating Systems
+Any Linux distribution fulfilling the conditions described in Dependencies 
+section of this document.
+Supported features in this release
+ - Unicast, multicast and broadcast transmission and reception
+ - Receive queue polling
+ - Statistics
+ - Hardware VLAN acceleration
+ - IP checksum offload
+ - Receive side header-split
+ - Receive side VLAN stripping
+ - Multiple receive and transmit queues
+ - Perfect filters for flow direction (supported on all adapters except M81KR
+   and P81E)
+ - Promiscuous mode
+ - Setting RX VLAN (supported via UCSM/CIMC only)
+ - VLAN filtering (supported via UCSM/CIMC only)
+ - Execution of application by unprivileged system users
+Known bugs and Unsupported features in this release
+ - Signature filters
+ - Drop feature of perfect filters
+ - VLAN based flow direction
+ - Flexbytes based flow direction
+ - Setting of extended VLAN
+ - Prepare the system as recommended by DPDK suite.  This includes environment
+   variables, hugepages configuration, tool-chains and configuration
+ - Insert vfio-pci kernel module using the command 'modprobe vfio-pci' if the
+   user wants to use VFIO framework
+ - Insert uio kernel module using the command 'modprobe uio' if the user wants
+   to use UIO framework
+ - DPDK suite should be configured based on the user's decision to use VFIO or
+   UIO framework
+ - Bind the intended vNIC to vfio-pci using librte_pmd_enic/scripts/bind_to_vfio
+   in case the user wants ENIC PMD to use VFIO framework
+ - Bind the intended vNIC to igb_uio in case the user wants ENIC PMD to use
+   UIO framework
+ Now, the system is ready to run the application.  Once the application runs to 
+ completion, if it is required, the vNIC could be detached from vfio-pci or igb_uio.
+ vNICs could be detached from vfio-pci using the script
+ librte_pmd_enic/scripts/unbind_from_vfio
+ Root privilege is required to bind and unbind vNICs to/from VFIO/UIO.
+ VFIO framework helps an unprivileged user to run the applications.
+ For an unprivileged user to run the applications on DPDK and ENIC PMD,
+ it might be required to increase the maximum locked memory of the user.
+ The following command could be used to do this.
+ sudo sh -c "ulimit -l <value in Kilo Bytes>"
+ The value depends on the memory configuration of the application, DPDK and
+ PMD.  Typically, the limit has to be raised to higher than 2GB. 
+ e.g., 2621440
+ The compilation of any unused drivers could be turned off using the
+ configuration file in config/ directory (e.g., config/common_linuxapp).  
+ This would help in bringing down the time taken for building the 
+ libraries and the initialization time of the application.  
+Additional Reference
+ - www.dpdk.org
+ - Intel® Data Plane Development Kit: Release Notes
+ - Intel® Data Plane Development Kit: Programmer's Guide
+ - Intel® Data Plane Development Kit Testpmd Application: Guide
+Contact Information
+  Any questions or bugs should be reported to DPDK community or to the following
+  email addresses.
+  Sujith Sankar <ssujith@cisco.com>
+  Prasad Rao <prrao@cisco.com>