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        "date": "2014-08-12T10:03:48",
        "subject": "Re: [dpdk-dev] [RFC PATCH 06/14] mbuf: reorder fields by time-of-use",
        "submitter": {
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            "name": "Olivier Matz",
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        "content": "Hi Bruce,\n\nOn 08/11/2014 10:44 PM, Bruce Richardson wrote:\n> *  Reorder the fields in the mbuf so that we have fields that are used\n> together side-by-side in the structure. This means that we have a\n> contiguous block of 8-bytes in the mbuf which are used to reset an mbuf\n> of descriptor rearm.\n> *  Where needed add in a dummy fields to overwrite values 8 or 16 bytes\n> at a time, when doing RX or RX descriptor rearm. This avoids compiler\n> warnings when using uint64_t values to overwrite a set of smaller\n> values.\n> * At the end, place fields that are only used for TX or for the slower\n> RX path, and mark them as down to be moved to a second cache line.\n>\n> Signed-off-by: Bruce Richardson <>\n> ---\n>   lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.c |  2 +-\n>   lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.h | 37 +++++++++++++++++++++----------------\n>   2 files changed, 22 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)\n>\n> diff --git a/lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.c b/lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.c\n> index 64f1587..594b910 100644\n> --- a/lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.c\n> +++ b/lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.c\n> @@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ rte_pktmbuf_dump(FILE *f, const struct rte_mbuf *m, unsigned dump_len)\n>\n>   \tfprintf(f, \"dump mbuf at 0x%p, phys=%\"PRIx64\", buf_len=%u\\n\",\n>   \t       m, (uint64_t)m->buf_physaddr, (unsigned)m->buf_len);\n> -\tfprintf(f, \"  pkt_len=%\"PRIu32\", ol_flags=%\"PRIx16\", nb_segs=%u, \"\n> +\tfprintf(f, \"  pkt_len=%\"PRIu32\", ol_flags=%\"PRIx64\", nb_segs=%u, \"\n>   \t       \"in_port=%u\\n\", m->pkt_len, m->ol_flags,\n>   \t       (unsigned)m->nb_segs, (unsigned)m->port);\n>   \tnb_segs = m->nb_segs;\n\nI think this should not go in this patch. Another one \"change ol_flags\nto 64 bits\" would be nice.\n\n\n> diff --git a/lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.h b/lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.h\n> index e0981c9..566bb7e 100644\n> --- a/lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.h\n> +++ b/lib/librte_mbuf/rte_mbuf.h\n> @@ -132,22 +132,20 @@ union rte_vlan_macip {\n>   /**< MAC+IP  length. */\n>   #define TX_MACIP_LEN_CMP_MASK   (TX_MAC_LEN_CMP_MASK | TX_IP_LEN_CMP_MASK)\n>\n> +\n>   /**\n\nGarbage here.\n\n>    * The generic rte_mbuf, containing a packet mbuf.\n>    */\n>   struct rte_mbuf {\n> -\tstruct rte_mempool *pool; /**< Pool from which mbuf was allocated. */\n>   \tvoid *buf_addr;           /**< Virtual address of segment buffer. */\n>   \tphys_addr_t buf_physaddr; /**< Physical address of segment buffer. */\n> -\tuint16_t buf_len;         /**< Length of segment buffer. */\n>\n> -\t/* valid for any segment */\n> -\tstruct rte_mbuf *next;    /**< Next segment of scattered packet. */\n> +\t/* next 8 bytes are initialised on RX descriptor rearm */\n> +\tuint64_t rearm_data[0]; /**< dummy element so we can get uin64_t ptrs\n> +\t                         * to this part of the mbuf without alias error\n> +\t                         */\n> +\tuint16_t buf_len;       /**< Length of segment buffer. */\n>   \tuint16_t data_off;\n> -\tuint16_t data_len;        /**< Amount of data in segment buffer. */\n> -\tuint32_t pkt_len;         /**< Total pkt len: sum of all segments. */\n\nWhat do you think about using an union instead? I'm not sure it's\nclearer, but in case of:\n\nunion {\n\tuint64_t u64;\n\tstruct {\n\t\tuint16_t buf_len;\n\t\tuint16_t data_off;\n\t\t...\n\t};\n};\n\n\n> -\n> -#ifdef RTE_MBUF_REFCNT\n>   \t/**\n>   \t * 16-bit Reference counter.\n>   \t * It should only be accessed using the following functions:\n> @@ -157,20 +155,23 @@ struct rte_mbuf {\n>   \t * config option.\n>   \t */\n>   \tunion {\n> +#ifdef RTE_MBUF_REFCNT\n>   \t\trte_atomic16_t refcnt_atomic;   /**< Atomically accessed refcnt */\n>   \t\tuint16_t refcnt;                /**< Non-atomically accessed refcnt */\n> -\t};\n> -#else\n> -\tuint16_t refcnt_reserved;     /**< Do not use this field */\n>   #endif\n> -\n> -\t/* these fields are valid for first segment only */\n> +\t\tuint16_t refcnt_reserved;     /**< Do not use this field */\n> +\t};\n\nI think this should go in another cosmetic patch.\n\n\n>   \tuint8_t nb_segs;        /**< Number of segments. */\n>   \tuint8_t port;        /**< Input port. */\n> -\tuint16_t ol_flags;            /**< Offload features. */\n> -\tuint16_t reserved;             /**< Unused field. Required for padding. */\n>\n> -\t/* offload features, valid for first segment only */\n> +\t/* remaining bytes are set on RX when pulling packet from descriptor */\n> +\tuint64_t ol_flags;        /**< Offload features. */\n\nShould be moved to \"change ol_flags to 64 bits\".\n\n> +\n> +\t__m128i rx_descriptor_fields1[0]; /**< dummy field used as marker for\n> +\t                                   * writes in a vector driver */\n\nIs it a good idea to have a specific type in the generic mbuf structure?\nMoreover it seems that later in your patch series it's replaced by\nsomething else.\n\nAlso, the 2nd line of comment mixes tabs and spaces.\n\n>\n> +\t/* second cache line, fields only used in slow path or on TX */\n> +\tstruct rte_mempool *pool; /**< Pool from which mbuf was allocated. */\n> +\tstruct rte_mbuf *next;    /**< Next segment of scattered packet. */\n\nThe comment is wrong, this is not a new cache line (introduced later).\n\n\n\nRegards,\nOlivier",
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