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        "date": "2019-06-21T14:46:07",
        "subject": "Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH v5 0/3] Enable rte_flow API in ice driver",
        "submitter": {
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            "name": "Aaron Conole",
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        "content": "Qiming Yang <> writes:\n\n> This patch set enables the backend of rte_flow, and the generic\n> filter related functions in ice driver. Supported flows include\n> ipv4, tcpv4, udpv4, ipv6, tcpv6, udpv6, tunnel, etc. This patch\n> set depends on shared code update.\n>\n> ---\n> v2 changes:\n>  - added UDP tunnel port support.\n>  - fixed compile issue.\n>  - added document update.\n> v3 changes:\n>  - removed redundancy parser.\n>  - added License.\n>  - added VXLAN and NVGRE item support.\n> v4 changes:\n>  - fixed some typos.\n> v5 changes:\n>  - fixed checkpatch issues.\n>\n\nThanks for fixing up the meson errors.  I notice some build issues from\nthe Travis server.  Can you take a look?\n\n\n\nI think the errors are introduced with the first patch, actually.\n\nIt might help to use github as an intermediate repository, sign up for\ntravis, push your changes to your github, and then watch the builds to\nensure that they are compiling properly.  That can help to isolate\nenvironmental issues (for instance, accidentally omitted header files,\netc).\n\nSome of this is documented at doc/guides/contributing/patches.rst but if\nsomething is unclear or should have more detail to explain, lets improve\nthe docs.",
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