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    "name": "[v2,00/15] Unit tests fixes for CI",
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            "date": "2019-06-15T06:42:15",
            "name": "Unit tests fixes for CI",
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    "content": "This is a joint effort to make the unit tests ready for CI.\nThe first patches are fixes that I had accumulated.\nThen the second part of the series focuses on skipping tests when some\nrequirements are not fulfilled so that we can start them in a restrained\nenvironment like Travis virtual machines that gives us two cores and does\nnot have specific hw devices.\n\nWe are still not ready for enabling those tests in Travis.\nAt least, the following issues remain:\n- some fixes on librte_acl have not been merged yet [1],\n- the tests on --file-prefix are still ko, and have been isolated in a\n  test that we could disable while waiting for the fixes,\n- rwlock_autotest and hash_readwrite_lf_autotest are taking a little more\n  than 10s,\n- librte_table unit test crashes on ipv6 [2],\n- the \"perf\" tests are taking way too long for my taste,\n- the shared build unit tests all fail when depending on mempool since\n  the mempool drivers are not loaded,\n\n1:\n2:\n\nChangelog since v1:\n- removed limit on 128 cores in rcu tests,\n- reworked Michael patch on eal test and started splitting big tests into\n  subtests: when a subtest fails, it does not impact the other subtests;\n  plus, subtests are shorter to run, so easier to make them fit in 10s,\n\nComments/reviews welcome!"