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    "name": "[v2,0/3] Improve automatic selection of IOVA mode",
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            "date": "2019-06-14T09:39:14",
            "name": "Improve automatic selection of IOVA mode",
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    "content": "In SPDK, not all drivers are registered with DPDK at start up time.\nPreviously, that meant DPDK always chose to set itself up in IOVA_PA\nmode. Instead, when the correct iova choice is unclear based on the\ndevices and drivers known to DPDK at start up time, use other heuristics\n(such as whether /proc/self/pagemap is accessible) to make a better\nchoice.\n\nThis enables SPDK to run as an unprivileged user again without requiring\nusers to explicitly set the iova mode on the command line.\n\n\nChangelog since v1:\n- I took over the series following experiments and discussions with Ben\n  and others, squashed Ben patches as two patches focusing on the main\n  issues,\n- introduced a fix on KNI,\n- on the EAL bits,\n\n  - added log on which IOVA mode has been selected,\n  - updated BSD EAL,\n  - in Linux EAL, moved KNI special case after IOVA selection,\n  - in Linux EAL, added check on forced mode wrt physical addresses\n    availability,\n\n- on the PCI bus driver bits,\n\n  - enforced the checks in the common code of the PCI bus,\n  - added debug logs to track why a iova mode has been chosen per device,\n  - added BSD part,\n  - in Linux part, checked that VFIO is enabled,\n  - in Linux part, defaulted to DC if a driver supports both PA and VA,"