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        "id": 85886,
        "web_url": "",
        "msgid": "<>",
        "date": "2018-09-21T10:28:56",
        "subject": "Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/37] net/sfc: update base driver",
        "submitter": {
            "id": 324,
            "url": "",
            "name": "Ferruh Yigit",
            "email": ""
        "content": "On 9/10/2018 10:32 AM, Andrew Rybchenko wrote:\n> Update net/sfc base driver (aka libefx).\n> \n> There are a number of warnings/errors\n> because of coding style difference.\n> \n> Andrew Jackson (1):\n>   net/sfc/base: highlight that image layout header generated\n> \n> Andrew Rybchenko (1):\n>   net/sfc/base: fix build failure because of no declaration\n> \n> Andy Moreton (6):\n>   net/sfc/base: properly align on line continuation\n>   net/sfc/base: add space after sizeof\n>   net/sfc/base: add routine to check for hardware presence\n>   net/sfc/base: add API to inform libefx of hardware removal\n>   net/sfc/base: fix ID retrival in v3 licensing\n>   net/sfc/base: fix MAC Tx stats for less or equal to 64 bytes\n> \n> Gautam Dawar (1):\n>   net/sfc/base: fix out of bounds read when dereferencing sdup\n> \n> Ivan Malov (6):\n>   net/sfc/base: fix name of the argument to store RSS flags\n>   net/sfc/base: fix a typo in unicast filter insertion comment\n>   net/sfc/base: use simpler code to check hash algorithm type\n>   net/sfc/base: check buffer size for hash flags\n>   net/sfc/base: simplify the code to parse RSS hash type\n>   net/sfc/base: improve handling of legacy RSS hash flags\n> \n> Mark Spender (3):\n>   net/sfc/base: remove probes when a Tx queue is too full\n>   net/sfc/base: add information if TSO workaround is required\n>   net/sfc/base: prevent access to the NIC config before probe\n> \n> Martin Harvey (10):\n>   net/sfc/base: fix PreFAST warnings because of unused return\n>   net/sfc/base: fix invalid order of memset arguments\n>   net/sfc/base: fix output buffer SAL annotation\n>   net/sfc/base: fix erroneous SAL annotation for input buffers\n>   net/sfc/base: move empty efsys definitions to EFX headers\n>   net/sfc/base: refactor monitors support\n>   net/sfc/base: add generated description of sensors\n>   net/sfc/base: check size of memory to read sensors data to\n>   net/sfc/base: add API to retrieve sensor limits\n>   net/sfc/base: avoid usage of too big arrays on stack\n> \n> Paul Fox (1):\n>   net/sfc/base: add more definitions of partitions\n> \n> Richard Houldsworth (4):\n>   net/sfc/base: add buffer editing functions to boot config\n>   net/sfc/base: add accessor for default port mode\n>   net/sfc/base: generalise EF10 NVRAM buffer interface\n>   net/sfc/base: modify phy caps to indicate FEC request\n> \n> Vijay Srivastava (4):\n>   net/sfc/base: fix outer IPID field in TSO option descriptors\n>   net/sfc/base: add check for TUNNEL module in NIC reset API\n>   net/sfc/base: add support to get active FEC type\n>   net/sfc/base: add helper API to make Geneve filter spec\n\nSeries applied to dpdk-next-net/master, thanks.",
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            "Subject": "Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH 00/37] net/sfc: update base driver",
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