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        "date": "2018-08-31T11:33:26",
        "subject": "Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATH 0/5] use IOVAs check based on DMA mask",
        "submitter": {
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            "name": "Alejandro Lucero",
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        "content": "There is a problem with the patch due to a last-hour change regarding\nMAX_DMA_MASK_BITS. It turns out initial X86_VA_WIDTH definition was to 47\nbits, but it is not enough in some systems leading to IOVA VA not\navailable. Because MAX_DMA_MASK_BITS was just used for a sanity check about\nthe mask length, it is harmless to increment the value to 63 for 64-bits\nsystems, but I was really clumsy doing the change and it does not compile\nnow.\n\nI've already set the patches as not applicable at patchwork and I will send\nanother version fixing that issue.\n\n\n\nOn Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 5:21 PM, Alejandro Lucero <\> wrote:\n\n> I sent a patchset about this to be applied on 17.11 stable. The memory\n> code has had main changes since that version, so here it is the patchset\n> adjusted to current master repo.\n>\n> This patchset adds, mainly, a check for ensuring IOVAs are within a\n> restricted range due to addressing limitations with some devices. There\n> are two known cases: NFP and IOMMU VT-d emulation.\n>\n> With this check IOVAs out of range are detected and PMDs can abort\n> initialization. For the VT-d case, IOVA VA mode is allowed as long as\n> IOVAs are within the supported range, avoiding to forbid IOVA VA by\n> default.\n>\n> For the addressing limitations known cases, there are just 40(NFP) or\n> 39(VT-d) bits for handling IOVAs. When using IOVA PA, those limitations\n> imply 1TB(NFP) or 512M(VT-d) as upper limits, which is likely enough for\n> most systems. With machines using more memory, the added check will\n> ensure IOVAs within the range.\n>\n> With IOVA VA, and because the way the Linux kernel serves mmap calls\n> in 64 bits systems, 39 or 40 bits are not enough. It is possible to\n> give an address hint with a lower starting address than the default one\n> used by the kernel, and then ensuring the mmap uses that hint or hint plus\n> some offset. With 64 bits systems, the process virtual address space is\n> large enoguh for doing the hugepages mmaping within the supported range\n> when those addressing limitations exist. This patchset also adds a change\n> for using such a hint making the use of IOVA VA a more than likely\n> possibility when there are those addressing limitations.\n>\n> The check is not done by default but just when it is required. This\n> patchset adds the check for NFP initialization and for setting the IOVA\n> mode is an emulated VT-d is detected. Also, because the recent patchset\n> adding dynamic memory allocation, the check is also invoked for ensuring\n> the new memsegs are within the required range.\n>\n> This patchset could be applied to stable 18.05.\n>\n>",
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            "Subject": "Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATH 0/5] use IOVAs check based on DMA mask",
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