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    "name": "[v3,0/2] support MAC changes when no live changes allowed",
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            "date": "2018-08-24T14:25:34",
            "name": "support MAC changes when no live changes allowed",
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        "Subject": "[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v3 0/2] support MAC changes when no live changes\n\tallowed",
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    "content": "This is a patched to fix a functionality coming with the first public\nrelease: changing/setting MAC address.\n\nThe original patch assumes all NICs can safely change or set the MAC\nin any case. However, this is not always true. NFP depends on the firmware\ncapabilities and this is not always supported. There are other NICs with\nthis same limitation, although, as far as I know, not in DPDK. Linux kernel\nhas a IFF_LIVE_ADDR_CHANGE flag and two NICs are checking this flag for\nallowing or not live MAC changes.\n\nThe flag proposed in this patch is just the opposite: advertise if live\nchange not supported and assuming it is supported other way.\n\nAlthough most NICs support rte_eth_dev_default_mac_addr_set and this\nfunction returns and error when live change is not supported, note that\nthis function is invoked during port start but the value returned is not\nchecked. It is likely this is good enough for most of the cases, but\nbonding is relying on this start then mac set/change, and a PMD ports is\nnot properly configured for being used as an slave port in some bonding\nmodes.\n\nv2:\n - add RTE_ETH_DEV_NOLIVE_MAC_ADDR comment in rte_eth_dev_default_mac_addr_set doc\n - add rte_eth_dev_start change in release API changes\n\nv3:\n - merge doc API changes with first patch\n - comment behaviour change in rte_eth_dev_start\n - remove comment on rte_eth_dev_default_mac_addr_set"