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    "name": "[v7,00/15] Vhost: add support to packed ring layout",
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            "date": "2018-07-04T21:54:23",
            "name": "Vhost: add support to packed ring layout",
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    "content": "This series is a handover from Jen's \"[PATCH v4 00/20]\nimplement packed virtqueues\", which only implements the\nvhost side. Virtio PMD implementation will follow in a \nnext series.\n\nThe series applies on top of previous reworks I posted\nduring this cycle that merges mergeable and non-mergeable\nreceive paths, and refactors transmit path to re-use\nvector buffers.\n\nI haven't run performance tests for now as the Virtio PMD\nside isn't ready.\n\nThe series has been tested with Tiwei's series implementing\npacked ring support to Kernel's virtio-net driver, and\nwith Wei series implementing the Qemu side.\n\nTo test it, I have used testpmd on host side with a vhost\nvdev and a tap vdev forwarding to each other. Transferts\nof big random files have been done in both ways with\nintegrity verified.\n\nTests have been run with Rx mrg ON/OFF and events suppression\nON/OFF.\n\nTests have also been run with legacy spli ring layout to\nensure no regression have been introduced.\n\nChanges since v6:\n=================\n- Various style cleanups (Tiwei, Jason)\n- Simplify event based notification (Jason)\n- Build support with future kernels (Tiwei)\n- Prevent buffer vectors overflow in map_one_desc (Tiwei)\n\nChanges since v5:\n=================\n- Remove duplicated VHOST_USER_F_PROTOCOL_FEATURES definition (Tiwei)\n- Fix vq_is_ready (Maxime)\n- Fix local used index overflow in flush_shadow_used_ring_packed (Tiwei)\n- Make desc_is_avail() a bool (Tiwei)\n- Improve desc_is_avail() logic (Tiwei)\n- Remove split rings addr NULL assignment in the right patch (Tiwei)\n- Make buffer id a uint16_t (Tiwei)\n\nJens Freimann (2):\n  vhost: add virtio packed virtqueue defines\n  vhost: add helpers for packed virtqueues\n\nMaxime Coquelin (12):\n  vhost: clear shadow used table index at flush time\n  vhost: make indirect desc table copy desc type agnostic\n  vhost: clear batch copy index at copy time\n  vhost: extract split ring handling from Rx and Tx functions\n  vhost: append shadow used ring function names with split\n  vhost: add shadow used ring support for packed rings\n  vhost: create descriptor mapping function\n  vhost: add vector filling support for packed ring\n  vhost: add Rx support for packed ring\n  vhost: add Tx support for packed ring\n  vhost: add notification for packed ring\n  vhost: advertize packed ring layout support\n\nYuanhan Liu (1):\n  vhost: vring address setup for packed queues\n\n lib/librte_vhost/vhost.c      | 114 ++++++-\n lib/librte_vhost/vhost.h      | 120 ++++++-\n lib/librte_vhost/vhost_user.c | 127 +++++--\n lib/librte_vhost/virtio_net.c | 776 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------\n 4 files changed, 928 insertions(+), 209 deletions(-)"