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    "date": "2018-07-02T09:11:09",
    "name": "[v5,0/5] eventdev: add interrupt driven queues to Rx adapter",
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        "name": "Rao, Nikhil",
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            "date": "2018-07-02T09:11:09",
            "name": "eventdev: add interrupt driven queues to Rx adapter",
            "version": 5,
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        "Subject": "[dpdk-dev] [PATCH v5 0/5] eventdev: add interrupt driven queues to\n\tRx adapter",
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    "content": "This patch series adds support for interrupt driven queues to the\nethernet Rx adapter, the first 3 patches prepare the code to\nhandle both poll and interrupt driven Rx queues, the 4th patch\npatch has code changes specific to interrupt driven queues and\nthe final patch has test code.\n\nChangelog:\n\nv4->v5:\n* Fix meson build breakage\n\nv3->v4:\n\n* Fix FreeBSD build breakage.\n\nv2->v3:\n\n* Fix shared build breakage.\n\n* Fix FreeBSD build breakage.\n\n* Reduce epoll maxevents parameter by 1, since thread wakeup\n  uses pthread_cancel as opposed to an exit message through a\n  file monitored by epoll_wait().\n\n* Check intr_handle before access, it is NULL when zero Rx queue\n  interrupts are configured.\n\n* Remove thread_stop flag, in the event of a pthread_cancel, it is\n  not possible to check this flag thread stack is unwound without\n  returning to rxa_intr_thread.\n\nv1->v2:\n\n* Move rte_service_component_runstate_set such that it\n  is called only when cap & RTE__EVENT_ETH_RX_ADAPTER_CAP_INTERNAL_PORT\n  is false. (Jerin Jacob)\n\n* Fix meson build. (Jerin Jacob)\n\n* Replace calls to pthread_* with rte_ctrl_thread_create().\n  (Jerin Jacob)\n\n* Move adapter test code to separate patch. (Jerin Jacob)\n\nNote: I haven't removed the note about devices created\nrte_event_eth_rx_adapter_create, will fix in a separate patch.\n\nNikhil Rao (5):\n  eventdev: standardize Rx adapter internal function names\n  eventdev: improve err handling for Rx adapter queue add/del\n  eventdev: move Rx adapter eth Rx to separate function\n  eventdev: add interrupt driven queues to Rx adapter\n  eventdev: add Rx adapter tests for interrupt driven queues\n\n config/rte_config.h                                |    1 +\n lib/librte_eventdev/rte_event_eth_rx_adapter.h     |    5 +-\n lib/librte_eventdev/rte_event_eth_rx_adapter.c     | 1526 +++++++++++++++++---\n test/test/test_event_eth_rx_adapter.c              |  261 +++-\n .../prog_guide/event_ethernet_rx_adapter.rst       |   24 +\n config/common_base                                 |    1 +\n lib/librte_eventdev/Makefile                       |    9 +-\n lib/librte_eventdev/                    |    9 +-\n 8 files changed, 1596 insertions(+), 240 deletions(-)"