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        "msgid": "<2515509.GDSIbPj7Zt@xps>",
        "date": "2018-07-13T09:06:45",
        "subject": "Re: [dpdk-dev] [PATCH 0/9] mem: reduce memory fragmentation",
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            "name": "Thomas Monjalon",
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        "content": "11/06/2018 22:55, Anatoly Burakov:\n> This patchset is mostly dealing with changes fbarray, but it is\n> actually about reducing fragmentation in Linuxapp memalloc.\n> \n> We allocate hugepages from lower VA to higher VA. However, our\n> malloc heap allocates addresses from higher VA to lower VA. This\n> results in a situation where, whenever new page is allocated,\n> malloc starts to allocate memory from the top, leaving fragmented\n> space between new allocation's leftover and previous leftover.\n> \n> Over time, this leads to lots of free elements sitting at page\n> boundaries, small enough to be useful but large enough to have an\n> impact on memory fragmentation in certain circumstances.\n> \n> To fix this, we need to allocate memory from higher VA first.\n> However, in order to do that, we need the ability to search fbarray\n> in reverse, which is currently not supported. Adding this support is\n> what most of this patchset is about.\n> \n> First 4 patches fix some issues in existing fbarray implementation\n> and remove some code duplication, preparing for adding of new\n> functionality.\n> \n> Next 3 patches add new functionality - reverse search of used/free\n> slots, mirroring already existing functionality in semantics and\n> capable of returning identical results but in reverse order.\n> \n> Patch 8 adds unit tests for fbarray, testing both existing and new\n> functionality.\n> \n> Finally, patch 9 changes memalloc to look up free slots in memseg\n> list in reverse order. No other changes is necessary, as all other\n> code can handle segments, wherever they are allocated.\n> \n> Anatoly Burakov (9):\n>   fbarray: fix errno values returned from functions\n>   fbarray: reduce duplication in find_contig code\n>   fbarray: reduce duplication in find_next_n code\n>   fbarray: reduce duplication in find_next code\n>   fbarray: add reverse find_free/used\n>   fbarray: add reverse find n used/free\n>   fbarray: add reverse find contig used/free\n>   test: add fbarray autotests\n>   memalloc: allocate memory in reverse\n\nApplied, thanks",
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